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Regulatory and Trade Information
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Regulatory and Trade Information

Information on regulations, certifications, and trade associations related to the Australian wine and spirits industry.

Winegrape and Wine Industry in Australia - Productivity Commission au gov pdf

Box 1.2: plan for 2010 — key aggregates Box 2.1: Modern vineyard technology Box 3.1: The Yarra Valley region Box 3.2: The WA Box 3.3: The in Tas, Qld and the ACT region Box 3.4: Participants' estimates of regional employment Box 3.5: Major suppliers located in the Barossa Valley

WHS Guidelines & Other Resources au

WHS Guidelines. The Work Health & Safety Guidelines for the provide businesses with the specific tools needed to plan, implement and review an effective WHS system. This comprehensive 8-part publication will help your business to comply with the WHS Act and in South Australia.

Wine Education Courses - Wine Communicators of Australia au

Research Institute (AWRI) is the grape and own research organisation. It supports a sustainable and successful grape and through world class research, practical solutions and knowledge transfer. ... TAFE SA has been a leader in education for more than 30 years ...

Regional Wine Associations - Australian Grape & Wine au

following represent the 65 regions that have designated GI (Geographical Indications). Organisations representing other regions or sub-regions are not listed. For about GI see the Australia website. National and state are listed here. New South Wales and ACTCanberra District AssocCowra Region Vineyard Assoc Gundagai ...

Exporting Aussie wines to South Korea - Australia Asia Forum au

Chilean are now taking a greater share of the mid-priced market. Current rankings of imported into Korea based on value are: France - 31 per cent. Chile - 21 per cent. Italy - 17 per cent. United States - 11.5 per cent. Spain - 8 per cent. Australia - 4.3 per cent. The rankings based on volume are:

Glenbosch | Blog | Things to know about australian wine industry! au

has been around since 1788 and has accumulated a rich history, punctuated by numerous international awards as early as the 1820s. During the 19th century, Europeans immigration played a pivotal role in transforming the quality of , regions like the Barossa Valley, Hunter Valley, and Yarra Valley were established as leading producing areas.

IWSR reporting reveals the Australian and global wine industry faces ... au

While overall consumption figures might display a downward trajectory, some regions like the US, UK, and Japan have witnessed a resurgence in the number of drinkers. The reopening of bars and restaurants has driven growth, primarily among younger adults who have adopted a "buy less but better" attitude.

Australian Grape and Wine - 2022-23 Pre-Budget Submissions - Treasury au gov pdf

1) Invest $1.817 million in Grape & proposed ATMAC initiatives. 2) Invest $540,000 to enable Grape & work with other stakeholders to develop a comprehensive grape and sector brand strategy. 3) Invest $49 million in Australia's marketing effort to drive diversification.

China wine dispute may be resolved in weeks, Australian trade minister ...

A dispute with China over tariffs on may be resolved "in a few weeks' time", Minister Don Farrell said on Tuesday, removing one of the final obstacles ...

About Australian Grape & Wine Inc - Australian Grape & Wine au

2023 AGM. Grape and Incorporated ( Grape & ) is Australia's national of winegrape and producers. We provide leadership, strategy, advocacy and support that serves grape and businesses now and into the future. We represent the interests of the more than 2,100 winemakers and 6,000 ...

Strengthening Australian wine exports | Austrade au gov

Austrade CEO Xavier Simonet said the -first free digital hub will fuel Australia's exporters to go further, faster. "Australia produces some of the world's most sought-after , new Export Ready Hub will help our producers get more product to consumers the world-over.". "This one-stop-shop, developed by ...

Australian wine industry pushes for sustainable future au

Australia's is moving towards 100 per cent sustainability. Winemakers can gain add a logo to their bottle. Experts say these logos are effective if their meaning is ...

Wine Australia's Regulatory Activities | Wine Australia

Australia's regulatory framework is set out in the Australia Act and includes: administration of the export controls on exported from Australia in accordance with Part 3 of the Australia 2018 by issuing licences, export approvals for grape products, and export certificates. ensuring that grape products exported ...

Australian wine industry insights - KPMG Australia

supply and demand in Australia has been impacted by both the COVID-19 pandemic and the introduction of China's tariffs on . Stability and growth have been affected but the is resilient after the many challenges businesses have faced in the past. Australia's businesses can respond to ...

24 June 2020 BARTON ACT 2600 Dear Sir/Madam - Wine Australia au gov pdf

BARTON ACT 2600. [email protected]. BY EMAIL. Dear Sir/Madam. Attached is a submission from Australia providing some about the market access considerations that ought to be considered through formal negotiations between Australia and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (UK).

The certification process - Sustainable Winegrowing Australia au

Complete the expression of interest form. Complete training, implement required processes /or changes in the vineyard or winery based on from the standards. Contact an approved body to arrange an audit. A list of approved providers can be accessed here. If you have attended a training session in the ...

The Grape & Wine Sector - Australian Grape & Wine au

grape and sector Vision 2050 lays out the steps we need to take to craft a prosperous and self-reliant sector into the future. In doing so, it provides our responses to growing international concerns around climate change, sustainable development and international stability, while providing a platform for sustainable ...

Wine Australia | Wine Australia

Australia for . Australia supports a competitive sector by investing in research, development and extension (RD&A), growing domestic and international markets and protecting the reputation of . Read more about Australia. Australia supports a prosperous grape and community by ...

WISA - Wine Industry Suppliers Association au

Suppliers is the peak body for businesses who supply goods and services to the winegrape and producing sector. ... WISA supports a collaborative that operates using world's best practices to enhance the reputation and sustainability of ...

Federal Register of Legislation - Wine Australia Regulations 2018 au gov

This compilation. This is a compilation of the Australia 2018 that shows the text of the law as amended and in force on 1 July 2021 ( compilation date). The notes at the end of this compilation ( endnotes) include about amending laws and the amendment history of provisions of the compiled law.

About Wine Australia | Wine Australia

Australia is the grape and sector's statutory body for research and innovation, marketing and . We help foster and encourage profitable, resilient and sustainable winegrape and businesses by investing in research and innovation (R&I), building markets, disseminating market ...

Trade & Market Access - Australian Grape & Wine au

Australia-UK Free Agreement was signed on 17 December 2021 and is expected to enter into force in 2022. Austrade have provided immediate resources for Grape & members to assist with diversification or growth opportunities now available in the UK market: December 2022 Update. Marketing Toolkit.

Wine - DAFF au gov

Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry supports the by providing advice to the Government on matters . This includes advice : international market access, policy settings . responding to issues affecting the department provides this support and advice by ...

Home - Australian Grape & Wine au

We provide leadership, strategy, advocacy and support that serves grape and businesses now and into the future. Our role is to help create a political, social and regulatory environment — in Australia and overseas — enabling businesses to be profitable, sustainable and focused on producing, and promoting the enjoyment of , in moderation.